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COVID-19 consultation services (call centers)

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If you experience symptoms and suspect you may have been infected with COVID-19, please refer to your family physician, if you have one.
If you do not have a family physician, cannot be seen at your family physician, do not know where you can go to be tested, or have a related problem, please consult one of the three services below.

Consultation services
1. Si estás experimentando una garganta / tos de fiebre / penoso y deseas ser examinado, ve la Prefectura de Kanagawa" el Centro de Cuidado Reservación Médico para Pacientes con una Fiebre"
2. Si estás experimentando los síntomas de otra manera que (Consultación para el returnees de en el extranjero, quién experimentar otros síntomas o quién puede haber estado en contacto con personas infectadas) una garganta / tos de fiebre / penoso y deseas ser examinado o si no tienes ningún síntoma pero tienes las preguntas generales relacionadas a exámenes u otras materias, ve la "Yokohama City Centro de COVID-19 Llamada"
3. Aside from the cases listed in 1 and 2 above, if you experience severe symptoms at night or on a public holiday which seem to steadily getting worse, contact a local emergency medical center and go see a doctor there. In extreme circumstances, call 119 and request an ambulance.

When to use a consultation service
Contact one of the consultation services immediately if any of the below conditions apply. (Consultation available even if the below does not apply.)
1. Experiencing shortness of breath (difficulty breathing), severe tiredness (physical fatigue), high fever, or other extreme symptoms
2. If you are in a group considered vulnerable to severe symptoms* and are experiencing flu-like symptoms such as fever or cough
3. Aside from the cases listed in 1 and 2 above, if you continue to experience symptoms of a relatively light cold, such as a fever or cough (if symptoms last longer than 4 days, be sure to contact a consultation service. Severity of symptoms can be different for each person. If you feel that the symptoms are severe, please request consultation immediately. Also ask for consultation if you continue to use a medicine to reduce fever.)

* The elderly, those with underlying conditions, such as a history of diabetes, heart failure, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), those on dialysis, those taking immunosuppressive or anti-cancer medication

Consultation for those experiencing a fever / sore throat / cough who wish to be examined at a medical facility

Kanagawa Prefecture Medical Care Reservation Center for Patients with a Fever

Phone number and hours
Phone number0570-048914
*For some IP phones or if the above does not connect, call 045-285-1015
Hours9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (including weekends and public holidays)

Consultation for those experiencing other symptoms who wish to be examined at a medical facility, or for general questions

Yokohama City COVID-19 Call Center (Consultation for returnees from abroad, who experience other symptoms, or who may have been in contact with infected persons)

Consultation regarding examinations
Primarily providing consultation in the following situations, and will connect callers who may be infected with health care facilities that can examine them
• Recently returned from a country where COVID-19 infections are widespread
• Came in close contact with another person infected with COVID-19
• Alerted via the COCOA app of possibility of contact with someone who later tested positive for COVID-19
• Experiencing flu-like symptoms other than fever, sore throat, and cough that are suspected to be COVID-19-related

General consultation for questions regarding COVID-19
Answers to general questions related to COVID-19 such as identifying signs of infection, prevention methods, and what to do if symptoms appear.

Phone number and hours
Phone number045-550-5530 (in Japanese only)
Hours24 hours/day (including weekends and public holidays)

If it is difficult to explain your issue via phone, you may send a fax in Japanese to 045-846-0500. (A reply will be sent by fax.)

Consultation services by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Phone number and hours
Phone number0120-565653 (Toll-free number. In Japanese only)
Hours9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (including weekends and public holidays)

Call center for tourists visiting Japan (Japan Tourism Agency)

El Japón la Organización de Turismo Nacional (JNTO) opera a un Visitante de Japón" poligloto Hotline" 24 horas por día, 365 días por año para ayudar aseguran los turistas están seguros y tenidos cuidado de en un accidente o emergencia. Also provides answers to queries regarding COVID-19.

Phone number and hours
Phone number050-3816-2787
Hours24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Supported languagesEnglish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Areas of supportSupport and urgent assistance (guidance in an accident or emergency), disaster information, general tourism information
Regarding COVID-19 consultation servicesHealth and Social Welfare Bureau, Health Safety Division (*in Japanese only)
Phone number: 045-671-2445
Fax number: 045-664-7296
Email address: [email protected]

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