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Video message from the Mayor following the declaration of a state of emergency (2021.1.8)

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Residents of Yokohama,
This is Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko.
Yesterday, the national government declared a state of emergency for Tokyo and the neighboring prefectures, including Kanagawa.

Accordingly, we will adjust hours for public facilities in Yokohama, which will generally close at 8 p.m., starting January 12.
Also, we will assess whether to hold events organized by the city based on the standards set by the national government.

Schools will not be temporarily closed, but preventive measures rigorously implemented, and club activities and other events will be assessed for the risk of spreading infection.
The coming-of-age ceremonies scheduled for January 11 will be held with strict preventive measures in place, and video of the events will be streamed online.

Over the past week, from January 1 through 7, new cases of COVID-19 in Yokohama reached 1,173,
continuing to be identified at a high rate.
Of those hospitalized, 29 people or 5% have severe symptoms, while 83 or 14% experience moderate symptoms.
The remaining 81%, 476 people, show mild or no symptoms.
Also, out of the 500 beds for moderate to severe cases, 179 are in use, for an occupancy rate of 35.8%.
Our local medical institutions are working closely with each other, and the Infectious Disease & Medical Coordination Headquarters,
"Y-CERT", está trabajando para asegurar las camas está disponible.
Their cooperation is now helping sustain the medical care system and provide both COVID-19 treatment and general care.

However, healthcare workers are working in a difficult situation.
If the infection continues to spread as it has, the burden will continue to grow for our healthcare workers
already working so hard against this virus.
In order to preserve the medical care system going forward, it is important that each of us remain vigilant and observe preventive measures to prevent the outbreak of new cases.

I once again call on all our residents:
Aside from trips necessary to daily life, Please refrain from nonessential and non-urgent outings,
especially after 8 p.m.
Avoid situations where the risk of infection is high, such as social meals with drinking, long meals with many people, conversations without masks, living with others in small spaces, and entering or leaving breakrooms, smoking areas, and so on, and use remote working and staggered commuting.
También agrada continúas observando las medidas preventivas básicas, como evitar los "tres C's", las máscaras desgastado, frecuentemente lavando las manos, y ventilando los cuartos.
We ask that those taking part in the coming-of-age ceremonies follow the preventive measures at the venues and refrain from social dining or parties before or after the event.

I also call on our local businesses:
Please cooperate with national and prefectural policies, such as bars and restaurants closing at 8 p.m. and restrictions on events.
Please refer to industry guidelines and ensure preventive measures are thoroughly implements.
Help achieve a 70% reduction of staff in offices with remote work, flexible working hours, staggered commuting, and explore ways to help reduce contact at work and during travel.

Yokohama will continue to work with national and prefectural governments and medical institutions
to protect the lives and livelihoods of all our residents.
Under the state of emergency declaration, we will organize a special system for doctors stationed in Y-CERT.
We will implement the supplementary budget without fail, and expand the teams set up to provide vaccinations once it is available.

Join our efforts and help us overcome this difficult situation together, to achieve the lifting of the state of emergencyand the return to our everyday lives as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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