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Video message from the Mayor on the Year-end and New Year season and COVID-19 (2020.12.24)

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Residents of Yokohama:
This is Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko.

COVID-19 continues to spread.

Within the last week (December 17 to 23), the number of new cases has reached 998, an increase from 814 cases from the previous week, and as the spread of infection trends upward, the city is working to implement infectious disease measures with a strong sense of urgency.

As of December 23, there were 421 people in the hospital. 338 of those people show mild or no symptoms, or 80% of the total, while 20 patients, about 5%, are experiencing severe symptoms. Of the 500 beds secured for patients with moderate to severe symptoms, 137 hospital beds are in use, comprising a 27.4% occupancy.

Medical institutions are coordinating and cooperating to maintain a robust medical care system, providing emergency care to patients in need, as well as balancing treatment for patients testing postive with general medical care.
However, medical resources are not limitless. As the number of people requiring hospitalization continues to rise, we must remain vigilant. With a strong sense of responsibility, our medical care personnel have carried out their duties under extremely stressful conditions for an extended period of time, and it remains for us to do all in our power to prevent the number of new cases from rising further.

The actions of every one of us takes during this holiday and New Year season will help prevent a collapse of the medical care system and protect the lives of the people in our city.

I once again call on all our residents:
・ Además de las medidas preventivas como máscaras desgastado y evitando los "3 C's", ábstente de ir fuera tanto como posible reducir la oportunidad de contacto con otros y también ábstente de asistir a las recolecciones grandes como fin del year's o las fiestas de nuevo año.
・ Esos haciendo su primera visita a una urna durante el nuevo año se pide para no insistir en visitar durante los primeros tres días, pero en cambio observa un horario visitante tambaleado y da la consideración cuidadosa a las casas de parientes visitante dónde puedes entrar en contacto con mayores personas.

Yokohama ha movilizado un equipo especial de Enfermedad Infecciosa & la Oficina principal de Coordinación Médica el personal de "Y-CERT" para el período del Año fin del año y Nuevo para asegurar las camas para la recuperación así como el cuidado médico general permanece prontamente disponible. For fevers or other symtoms unrelated to COVID-19, holiday emergency clinics are operating in each ward to provide medical examinations at any time. The Yokohama City COVID-19 Call Center will run 24 hours a day, and consultation and testing services will be rigorously prepared. Yokohama will continue to work together with the national and prefectural governments as well as with local medical care institutions to protect the lives of our residents.

I ask our residents to fully observe precautionary measures, and wish that everyone enjoys a quiet and peaceful holiday season.

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