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Message from the Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko regarding the extension of the State of Emergency(2020.05.04)

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El gobierno nacional decidió hoy para extender la "Declaración de un Estado de Emergencia en contestación a la Nueva "Enfermedad de Coronavirus hasta el 31 (domingo) de mayo para el país entero. I believe this is an unavoidable measure, as the spread of infection across the country has not yet abated, and the medical care system continues to face a difficult situation.
In accordance with the extension of the state of emergency, the City of Yokohama will extend the temporary closure of municipal schools, postpone or cancel city-organized events, and close public facilities.

La ciudad tomó la parte en varias discusiones con el Superintendente de la Tabla de Educación sobre los cierres escolares municipales temporales simultáneos así como cómo ocuparse de la transición y el más allá, pero en contestación a la extensión del gobierno, la Ciudad de Tabla del Yokohama de Educación ha decidido extender el cierre temporal hasta el 31 (domingo) de mayo.

Children and their guardians will have to continue to stay home as students are unable to attend school. It pains me to think of the children looking forward to their first days of school life, or the students facing a great deal of anxiety before their exams, but we ask for your understanding during the current situation.

La Ciudad de Yokohama hará a cada esfuerzo mejorar la habilidad de aprendizaje de estudiantes y propiamente asegurar un estilo de vida saludable para mejorar las circunstancias actuales. The Board of Education will provide more learning opportunities by drawing on its achievements so far to further enhance its online educational video distribution. Maximum measures will be taken to enrich care for students who cannot stay at home, and to reopen schoolyards, to promote opportunities to encourage healthy living and development. Yokohama will work with the Board of Education to support children not just at school, but throughout the city.

The City of Yokohama has compiled the largest ever supplementary budget proposal of 574.3 billion yen to mitigate the impact of the new coronavirus disease on daily life and the economy. Based on the situation going forward, the city will continue to enhance measures and do our utmost to protect our residents, businesses, and health care personnel.

To the residents of Yokohama: the actions of each and every one of us will protect lives, our loved ones, and the city as a whole. Help us overcome this difficulty together. We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.

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