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Video message from the Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko on the extended State of Emergency(2020.5.8)

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To Residents of Yokohama:
This is Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko.

Un mes ha pasado desde la "Declaración de un Estado de Emergencia" se emitió y con la cooperación de las personas de nuestra ciudad, la Ciudad de Yokohama ha funcionado para impedir el cobertor de infección diligentemente.
The number of infected patients in Yokohama reached a peak exceeding 100 on the week of April 6, but has since dropped to about 75 cases per week. Among those cases, patients with unknown routes of infection have also consistently trended downward.
Currently, as of May 7, 57 patients were diagnosed with severe or moderate cases. El sistema del cuidado médico de Yokohama es preparado bien, con 500 camas disponible para los pacientes con síntomas severos o moderados.
During the long Golden Week holiday, we were able to achieve an 80% decrease in people in the Yokohama Station area. The individual actions of all our residents are yielding results. We thank you and ask for your continued cooperation.
In accordance with the extension of the state of emergency, we have extended the temporary closures of all public schools, cancelled or postponed city-organized events, and closed public facilities until May 31.
I believe that students and guardians are especially feeling a great deal of anxiety with schools closed. Yokohama will continue to work with the Board of Education to support children throughout the city: streaming educational content, caring for children whose parents cannot work at home, opening schoolyards for exercise, and other measures.
Also, regarding the Special Cash Payments of 100,000 yen per person, we are preparing to accept mail-in applications starting in late May. Online applications using the Individual Number Card will be accepted starting May 12, with bank transfers expected to begin in late May. As more details become available, we will share information on the city website and elsewhere.
The national government will hear from experts on May 14 and 21, and has suggested that depending on the situation it may decide to lift the state of emergency before the end of May. For its part, the City of Yokohama will continue to do our utmost to restore our economy and help residents return to their daily lives as soon as possible.
This is a crucial moment. The actions we all take will protect not only ourselves, but also our loved ones and the entire city.
Help us to overcome this challenge together.
Thank you and stay safe.

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