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Video message from the Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko to welfare services(2020.5.11)

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To the professionals of welfare facilities and social services:
This is Mayor Hayashi Fumiko.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the efforts of those in the social services supporting the well-being and daily lives of many residents amid the anxiety and uncertainty brought on by the new coronavirus.
The state of emergency declaration has been extended until May 31. Despite these circumstances, professionals in welfare facilities and organizations are demonstrating great care to prevent the spread of infection as they continue to provide support for the elderly, long-term care, people with disabilities, childcare, and education.
Los resultados de sus esfuerzos directos permiten a los medios de bienestar de Yokohama continuar proporcionando sus servicios y constituirlo posible tantos quién necesitar la ayuda, así como sus familias, hacer sobre sus vidas mucho como antes.
The City of Yokohama has compiled a supplementary budget proposal of 574.3 billion yen to mitigate the impact of the new coronavirus disease on daily life and the economy.
To prevent the spread of infection, we are distributing masks and disinfecting alcohol to each facility and organization. We are also subsidizing any renovation costs needed to create separate rooms in facilities for children and the elderly or purchase costs of goods used to prevent infection.
We have been receiving donations of masks and other goods from businesses, organizations, and residents in Yokohama who wish to help support local medical and welfare facilities.
Starting May 1, Yokohama also began accepting monetary donations to further improve countermeasures to the new coronavirus disease.
Along with the warm feelings of support for Yokohama, we will deliver masks and personal protective equipment to those working on the frontlines in medical care and welfare.
We will continue to employ all our resources to work to stop the spread of the new coronavirus and help our residents return to their daily lives as soon as possible.
Smiles are precious at times like this. Tus esfuerzos ayudarán trae las sonrisas a las vidas diarias de personas. We continue to count on your invaluable support.

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