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Public Service Announcement on InterFM897 about preventing the spread of the new coronavirus

Última fecha puesta al día: 2020/5/14

InterFM897 broadcasts Public Service Announcements to provide foreigners in Yokohama with information useful for daily life in Japan or guidance during disasters. Listen to the latest PSA about preventing the spread of the new coronavirus or read the transcript below.

May 13 Public Service Announcement - Yokohama City (English) #! el /ts/INT/20200513061230 (el sitio externo) (disponible durante una semana después de la transmisión)
May 13 PSA text: (el sitio externo)
Archive of past broadcasts: (el sitio externo)

PSAs are broadcast each week Monday through Friday from 6:12 to 6:15 a.m., in one language per day: Mandarin, Korean, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Find the broadcast archives below.

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