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La declaración, eslogan y marca del logotipo para expresar el futuro 'Ciudad de Yokohama (logotipo del eslogan)

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In 2009, when the City of Yokohama commemorated the 150th year of the Port opening ,we had activities (IMAGINE YOKOHAMA) among Yokohama citizens to talk about the future City of Yokohama and draw its image.
Based upon the thoughts of Yokohama citizens ,the statement which describes 'the future image of the City of Yokohama' was made and the slogan and logo mark that symbolize that statement were created.
We would like Yokohama citizens to share them and to use them in various situations. We will also utilize them to communicate inside and outside Japan.

Logo mark (Symbol of the future image of the City of Yokohama)

Logo mark

The thought that was put into the logo mark

We imagined an open and free wind which blows in the 'City of Yokohama' and is expressed by the"Y" of Yokohama in a motif with the sails of a windmill.
Three different squares show the diversity of the' City of Yokohama'.
The place where a wide variety of people and things meet and intersect.
Movement is given to the mark by using three different blues which are colors symbolic of 'the City of Yokohama'.

Slogan (Keyword to the future 'City of Yokohama')


The thought that was put into the slogan

The words that show the future image of the 'City of Yokohama' to many people in a way that is easily understood.
It expresses the open and free image of the 'City of Yokohama' which has shown development through the opening of the port.
The words convey the hospitality of the 'City of Yokohama' and enable its residents to start new activities.

Statement (Future image of the 'City of Yokohama')

Ríete, come, aprende
Trabaja, Juega, Toma una respiración profunda
Everything which is needed for living is within a short distance.
El puerto y colina, cultura y naturaleza, Nuevo e histórico
The town that is sometimes complex and enfolds many differences where people can live together comfortably.
The town where you can be natural and free
You and I meet, communicate and enjoy ourselves in the town.

The future 'City of Yokohama' is the town where the residents have imagined how the town should be.
The future 'City of Yokohama' which has accepted many different things over a long period of time and is creating new things has already started .

Now and the future are connected by real diversity through the opening of the port and the power of the residents who are creating an environment in which it is comfortable to live.
An open and free wind blows here.
Let's create that 'City of Yokohama' together.

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