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Disaster Prevention in Japan

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¡Hagamos la preparación para el gran terremoto para protegerse!

● Have at least three days' worth of drinking water and food readyDrinking water
(3 liters per person per day)
(crackers, canned food and other items that don't require cooking)
Emergency toilet set
(containing coagulant,disposal bags, etc. Available at home improvement centers.)
● Place important items in a backpack and leave it in an easily accessible location. Include things such as a flashlight (don't forget extra batteries), a portable AM/FM radio, drinking water, food, and a copy of your Residence Card.
● Secure furniture to prevent it from tipping over. Many people have died after being trapped by furniture that tipped over.
● Know where to evacuate
・Para fuegos que amenazan la vida . Evacuation Areas
Designated areas in Naka Ward: Honmoku Sancho Park, Negishi Shinrin Park, Minato no Mieru Oka Park, the entire Momijigaoka area, and Nogeyama Park.
・Cuando tu casa se ha derrumbado o ha quemado . Evacuation Shelter
Each area has a designated evacuation center. Confirm where the evacuation center is with your neighbors. Evacuation centers hold an annual evacuation drill. Join the drill and get to know the people in your neighborhood so you'll know what to do.
  < Naka Pupilo Oficina, División de Soumu (Asuntos Generales), Contador 61 (6 suelo) Tel: 045-224-8112>

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